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Our Law Office is the result of long-term experience and novelty. We are constantly improving our skills to be able to offer our
clients the highest standard of services. Our offers are directed to resolve a specific situation or problem.
We provide services in many sectors, including those well-known and niche areas.

We are versatile, hence, our team consists of specialists in various fields of Polish and
international law. In addition, we cooperate with a network of experts who advise our clients in selected fields.

In our activities, we combine our experience in the legal field
together with experiences gained in business, which creates an ideal solution for both individual and business customers.

Our Team

Individual Clients

We find the way out of every situation...

The offer is addressed to individual clients and includes, among others:

  • providing legal advice
  • preparing opinions on contracts
  • representation before the courts
  • national and International debt collection
  • orginary and special damages cases
  • enforcement proceedings
  • personal rights protection
  • copyright and related rights
  • matters of inheritance law
  • proceedings concerning legitim
  • divorce cases
  • alimony cases
  • determination of paternity
  • establishing contacts with the child
  • representation before administration authorities
  • representation before administrative courts
  • gravamens and appeals from administrative decisions

Our Remuneration
We find the way out of every situation...

Business Clients

Offer tailored to your needs...

Offer tailored to your needs...

is addressed to Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, including commercial law companies, sole traders conducting economic activities and other business entities.

We provide both emergency legal assistance as well as permanent comprehensive legal services for businesses.

We offer, among others:


  • legal advice
  • legal services for current business operations
  • legal opinions
  • negotiation
  • alternative dispute resolutions
  • representation before civil, commercial and administrative courts
  • representation before administration authorities
  • domestic and international debt collection
  • enforcement proceedings
  • combating unfair competition
  • writing company agreements
  • setting up companies and reporting changes to the National Court Register
  • mergers, transformation and liquidation of companies
  • creating branches and representative offices

Legal Subscription

International Clients

The world within your reach...

Thanks to constant cooperation with law offices around the world, we provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs operating on Polish and foreign markets.

We provide comprehensive legal services to both natural persons and entrepreneurs. We run international cases in a variety of fields, including commercial, civil, family, property, inheritance and criminal matters.

We have partners, among others, in:


  • London (Great Britain)

  • Liverpool (United Kingdom)

  • Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • Dublin (Ireland)
  • New York (USA)
  • Washington (USA)
  • Bonn (Germany)
  • Essen (Germany)
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Paris (France)
  • Brussels (Belgium)
  • Oslo (Norway)
  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Helsinki (Finland)

The world within your reach...

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